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Passionate about sublime watchmaking

We want to provide our customers with a unique piece of craftsmanship. For that reason, we prioritize superior quality in every component we choose. From intricate gears to delicate springs, we never compromise on excellence. Our commitment extends beyond functionality to the finishing touches that enhance both performance and aesthetics.


Aaron, founder & owner

Our mission has consistently revolved around crafting something truly distinctive, reflecting our profound love for watches while seamlessly aligning with our brand identity. For us, marrying top-notch Swiss craftsmanship with our atelier in the Netherlands has been a long-standing aspiration. The realization of this goal brings us immense joy, as it empowers us to provide our customers with unparalleled quality, ensuring enduring satisfaction for years to come. This commitment stands as one of the cornerstone principles of our brand.


Inspired by our Dutch roots

Our family name is a tribute to the enduring traditions and craftsmanship that have flourished along the banks of this historic river for centuries. At the heart of our watchmaking philosophy lies a deep connection to our roots, honouring the skills and artistry synonymous with the Maas. We believe that the true essence of time is captured not only in the precision of our timepieces, but also in the legacy that shapes our family history.

What you need to know

Our filosofie

Quality control

Before timepieces leave our workshop, a guaranteed quality check is done. Our Swiss mechanism is regulated by our watchmaker in the Netherlands to a max deviation of +10 seconds per day.


Our processes and developments of new models are purely based on creating the best possible customer value. Because we have a customer base of watch enthusiasts, we feel it is important to always reflect that passion we share together with our customers.

After sale service

We guarantee our customers that they can always come to us with their timepieces, no matter how old or new they may be. Our skilled technicians are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to provide sublime service for your timepiece, ensuring that it continues to tick away perfectly for years to come.

Founded by three brothers

A word from our team

From our start, our goal has been clear to introduce something truly unique, exclusively crafted for our brand. Noticing a gap in the Dutch watch scene, we envisioned a timepiece that would rival the excellence of renowned Swiss brands while showcasing superior watchmaking technology sourced from Glovelier, Switzerland.

This approach ensures not only the finest quality for our customers but also allows us to stay true to our brand identity. We believe in harnessing the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking expertise and infusing it with our Dutch heritage in our workshop, resulting in timepieces that command admiration and respect.