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Warranty & service

What does the warranty cover and how long?

Our timepieces undergo a strict check for operation & quality before being shipped to the customer. At worst, errors can occur during the complicated process of making the timepiece. Some knowledge of our warranty & exceptions is important. Therefore, we advise you to read this information carefully. 

The watch is covered by International Warranty against defects in manufacturing and materials. Please contact us, and we will be able to provide warranty service as defined herein.

MAAS warrants its product against defects in materials and manufacturing for twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase, stated on your original invoice (the “Warranty Period”). If the product is returned during the warranty period, MAAS watches will repair or replace any defective watch or part free of charge within a reasonable time after the product is returned, subject to the exclusions mentioned hereunder and to the right to charge for shipping costs.

Upon expiration of the Warranty Period, any repairs will be subject to a service charge.

What is not included in the warranty:

  • Defects and damages due to normal wear and tear.
  • Lack of accuracy of the watch if within the limits of average industry tolerance.
  • Routine maintenance and cleaning.
  • Defects and damages resulting from misuse or negligence, or an accident.
  • Defects and damages caused by improper use, alterations, tampering, dismantling, modifications, or services and repairs completed by anyone other than an authorized service centre within the warranty period.

For a watch with a water resistance of 10ATM or higher, the repair is not covered by the warranty if it turns out that the crown was not properly sealed. Make sure the crown of the watch is always tight against the case in the correct position.

In the watch industry, it is normal for bracelets not to come with a warranty. Only the operation of the mechanism is covered by the legal & additional warranty.

The warranty on the mechanism applies to abnormal deviations. Deviations acceptable within the industry are not provided with the manufacturer's warranty by our company.

Depending on the problem you might experience, we will look for the appropriate solution. For errors made by us, we provide our customers with an appropriate solution. This may be a different model, a replacement model or repair of the problem.

We always do this in agreement with the customer. So that we provide our customers with the appropriate solution that satisfies them.


Customers are expected to read and understand the warranty coverage provided by MAAS, and by accepting this policy, they accept the associated terms and conditions. Customers acknowledge receipt and understanding of the warranty policy and express satisfaction with the details provided.

Acceptance of this warranty policy implies compliance with all applicable terms related to warranty claims, including submission procedures, timeframes, and any other conditions specified in the policy.

Customers are aware that MAAS reserves the right to make amendments or updates to the warranty policy as necessary, and it is their responsibility to stay informed about any changes.

By providing acceptance, customers affirm that they are legally bound by this warranty policy and commit to adhering to its terms and conditions.

If any aspects are unclear, or you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you further.